Who can manage user permissions?

Your organization's Senate administrator is responsible for managing user permissions on Senate. User permissions are assigned based on a user's access requirements to enable structured control and governance on the Senate Platform.

Note: The administrator role 'idnt_org_admin' is only available to organizations who have licensed Senate.

What user permissions are available?

Below is a list of permissions and what they will provide a user with access to. 

What permissions should each user have?

An example of typical user types in Senate and permissions assigned to each user are listed in the above table. 

Permissions against users types are not set and a user can be given any set of permissions depending on organization requirements. 

For instance, some organizations may assign the same user with access to manage data on Senate as well as the permission to manage projects and licenses. Other organizations may prefer to assign these permissions to seperate users depending on their responsibilities within their organization

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