When you have finished with your analysis, contact Data Republic via your project's default Conversation to request your output. All output requests are subject to approval by Data Republic and are only permitted if your data license allows this.


  • EULA: If the output from your analytics are provided to end-user outside of your organization, you are required to provide a signed End User License Agreement (EULA) from this organization before any output can be provided
  • Your output aligns with the permitted use and rules for extraction: Before requesting an extract, please read the permitted use in your data license and ensure that your output aligns with it, including any special conditions set by the data contributor
  • Make clear annotations in your code: Please comment in the code(s) used to create this output file to allow for a smoother auditing process, reducing the time until your extract is provided

Request an extract

  1. Create a folder named ‘Files_For_Extraction’ on the DW desktop 
  2. Put the files you wish to extract and the scripts used to create it (entire data pipeline from raw data to extract) in the folder.
  3. Request an extract in a conversation with Data Republic only. Let Data Republic know know the name of the file(s) you wish to extract as well as where to find the
    code(s) used to create your extract (for audit purposes). 
  4. Extract requests are usually reviewed within 8 business hours

Download your extract

  • If your extract request is approved, Data Republic will post a temporary S3 link in the project's conversation from which you can  download your extract. 
  • If your request is rejected, Data Republic will provide feedback on the reason for rejection.

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