What is a Data License? 

A Data License allows an organization (i.e. Data Licensee / recipient) to access data for permitted use once it is approved by the data custodian, your organization and the Data Republic platform admin. A Data License contains references to Data Packages, terms of access, commercials, details for permitted use of data and any conditions for data extraction off Senate. 

Who should create the Data License?

Anyone in a project can create a Data License, define who the recipient (Data Licensee) will be and submit the Data License for approval by participating organizations.

Sometimes you will be invited to a project, where the Data License has already been created for you, however, in most cases, as an organization requesting access to data, your organization will need to create the Data License.

Alternatively, if another organization is requesting access to your organization's data for a project, they will usually create a Data License for you to approve. 

When can a Data License be created?

Once you have started a conversation with data owners in your project and have at least 1 package added to your project,  create a draft Data License as a basis for further discussion around  data requirements, commercials and terms of data access for your license. The Data License can be submitted for approval by participating organizations once all have agreed to the terms and conditions of the license.

Data License approval workflow

For more information, see approval workflow

In this article, you will learn how to

  1. Create a Data License
  2. Edit a Data License or Create a new version
  3. Submit a Data License
  4. Approve a Data License
  5. Access approved datasets


Create a Data License

To create a Data License, navigate to your project in Senate.
Click Licenses, then click Create new license.

The License screen is long, so we’ll look at it in two parts.
Complete the fields on the top part of the license screen.

Name: Give the license a name to help you identify it later.
Data packages:
Select the data packages related to the permitted use. Note: if you are not ready to add a data package to the license, create an empty data package (that does not contain any references to files/tables) as a place holder, so you can create the license as as draft.
Edit Commercial Terms:
Click 'Edit' next to the data package.

  • If you have previously discussed and agreed to the commercial terms provided by the data custodian you can input them here. 
  • Alternatively, the licensee or data custodian can update this field later when the license has been saved in draft.

On the pop-up box, select one of the following options: 

  • None if there are no commercial terms between the organization who is receiving the license and the Data Custodian
  • Flat fee per data product, per end customer if the Data Custodian receives a flat fee each time the data product is sold.
  • Percentage of data product sale price, per end customer if the Data Custodian receives a percentage of the product sale price each time the data product is sold.
  • Flat fee per data access term (i.e. fee charged upon renewal) if the Data Custodian receives a flat fee for the access term of the data product and the fee is charged upon renewal.
  • Other if a combination of the above terms applies. Outline the specific terms in the free-text box which appears when this option is selected.

Token matching: This option will only appear if you have selected at least two packages that have been configured for Senate Matching (indicated by the 'M' icon). If your license allows Senate Matching, tick the check box to include token matching. Learn more about Senate Matching

Who will be receiving the license:
Select an organization who will be receiving the license to the data; i.e. this organization will be working with the data on Senate.
Access term:
Select how long you want the license for, to access the data packages for permitted use.
Permitted uses:
Select the permitted use that you created earlier. Request automatic renewal: Select as required. If ticked, the license will automatically renew at the end of the access term.  Note: There will be also recurring fees for data packages with a 'flat fee per data access term' when the license is renewed.

Complete the fields in the bottom part of the screen for permitted uses:

Type: Select one of the following

  • Data Product: if you'll be taking any data or analysis off the Platform.
  • Exploration Only: If don't intend to create any specific insight and want to explore the data within a discovery workspace.
  • Non-output Analytics: If you will be carrying out discovery analytics in a workspace, but won’t be taking anything off Senate.

Permitted Use Description: 

  • Describe what you would like to do with the data in the project. 
  • Describe what data you need, whether any updates are required, what you intend to extract, and if there are any special conditions from each organization

Be as descriptive as you can because this helps Data Custodians assess the work involved in preparing the dataset, pricing and risk of the data. 

Output recipients: Type the names of people or organizations who receive your output. Press [Enter] after each name.
Intended Commercials: Describe the commercial structure for the license, including: the base price for access, any options, any value-added services.

Click Create new license to save the license in draft.

When you have everything you need in the license, proceed to submit the license for approval.

Edit a Data License

Edit a draft license

  • While a Data License is in draft, anyone in the project can edit the Data License.
  • To edit a draft Data License, navigate to the Licenses tab in your project. Click on the license name to view and update the license. 
  • Once you have updated the license, click Update to save any changes.

Edit an approved or rejected license (You must create a new version to edit)

  • Anyone in a project can edit an approved / rejected license; a new version must be created to edit. The license will then need to be re-submitted for approval.
  • To edit an approved / rejected license, navigate to the Licenses tab in your project. Click on a license name. Click Edit as a new version and edit the license as required. Click Update to save any changes in draft.
  • Note: a new version cannot be created if the license status is 'for review' or 'pending platform approval'. The license must first be rejected.

Submit a Data License

When all have agreed on the draft, anyone in the project can view and submit the Data License for approval.  Note: A license cannot be edited once it has been submitted and is in pending approval status.

To submit a draft Data License for approval:

From the main menu, select Projects and click on a project you want to view.
Within your project, click on the License tab and click the license name.

Review Data License details.
Scroll to the bottom of the license and click Submit to Manager

The Data License is now in ‘for review’ status.

Who will receive the notification to review?

All approvers within the licensee and data custodian organizations will receive an email notification to review the license pending approval;  however, only one user from each approver group will need to approve the license.

Note: an approver does not need to be added to the project in order to approve the license.

Can a license be modified after it is submitted for approval?

A license cannot be edited in 'for review' or 'pending platform approval' status. An approver must reject the license before the license can be edited as a new version, and re-submitted for approval.

Approve a Data License

Who needs to approve?

  • Each organization that has contributed a Data Package to the Data License, including the Data Licensee organization, will need to approve the Data License. 
  • Any user part of the license approver group can provide Data License approval on behalf of their organization. 

Email notification to approve

Once a Data License is submitted for approval, approvers will be notified by email. However, only one user within each approver group will need to approve.

Approving a Data License

Click the link in the email to view the license in Senate. You will need to sign into Senate. 

Alternatively, navigate directly to the project and license tab in Senate to review the Data License. Click on a Data License in 'for review' status to view its details.

Review Data License details

Scroll to the bottom of the license screen, and click Approve or Reject.

What happens if a Data License is rejected?

If any user from an organization rejects the Data License, the Data License status will change to 'rejected'. 

How do i modify a rejected Data License?

Any user in the project can view the license and click 'Edit as a new version' to edit the Data License and re-submit for approval. 

What happens when a Data License is approved by all organizations?

The Data License status will change from 'for review' to 'pending platform approval' by Data Republic.

Once approved by the Data Republic Platform Admin the Data License status will change to approved. 

Who receives an email notification of approved / rejected Data Licenses?

The user who submitted the Data License, as well as approvers from the Data Licensee organization.

Access approved datasets

Access to data can be granted once a Data License is approved. A secure Discovery Workspace (Windows virtual machine) is often requested to access and analyze data. Any requests to extract data off Senate will be checked to ensure that it complies with the permitted use in the data license. 

Alternatively, if your Data License permits for a data file to be downloaded from your project, Data Republic will provide authorized recipients with a link to download the data file from the project once the Data License has been approved participating organizations.

Next step: 

Requesting a Discovery Workspace (DW)

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