Once you have created a project, add people to your project to discuss project goals, data requirements and the permitted use of datasets. You may include users from your organization as well as users from other data custodian organizations.

Typical project members include:

  • Project Manager to make or manage data requests and have conversations with other organizations about data requirements, oversee project timelines / tasks to be completed by everyone in a data project on Senate
  • Analysts to load data and prepare data packages on behalf of a data custodian for projects, or analyze data on Senate on behalf of an organization
  • Data license approvers (optional) add them if they need to participate in the project, however, they can still approve a data license without being added to the project.

Can I be invited to projects?

  • You may be invited to projects created by other users on Senate. 
  • If you are the owner of any data packages, you will automatically be added to any projects requesting access to the data package. 


  • you have created a project in Senate
  • you know who your collaborators are
  • they have completed their Senate certification 
  • they have a Senate login

To add collaborators to your Senate project, click the People tab.

After creating the project, you will be the only project member. 

To add a project member, type their email address and then click Add Person.
Note: Before you can add someone, they must have a Senate account.

You can see the newly added project member.

You can keep adding as many people as you need. 

Note: You will need to add people to the project first before you can add them to a Conversation in the project.

Next step: 

Setting up your project communications

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