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How data sharing on the Data Republic platform works

The Data Republic Platform delivers a ‘data sharing control-center’ for organizations.

  • Data License approval workflows are implemented to protect customer privacy, govern data visibility and exchange by enforcing licensing terms; giving you control over who can see and access data for permitted use.

  • Data discoverability by other organizations can be facilitated by adding packages directly to a project to negotiate licensing terms with another organization.

Your responsibilities as an Organization Admin

Oversee and manage all account-level setting including, user creation and assignment of roles for your team by understanding:

  1. Project and approval workflows to facilitate allocation of roles and permission sets

  2. Authentication options for your users. Will your users authenticate using Single-On or with a user name and password

  3. Available roles for your users and the responsibility of each role type in data sharing projects

  4. Inviting, updating and deactivating user processes to ensure access to data sharing projects is controlled

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