The Data Sandbox enables fast tracked innovation by securely connecting your data to the outside world. Accessing the world’s best people, apps and algorithms is finally possible. Safely and efficiently authorize your data to be accessed in a secure environment. Provide opportunity for data analytics experts, technology vendors, hackathon teams, university researchers and more to develop innovative solutions while exploring fresh ideas using your organization’s proprietary data. Remove the innovation roadblocks and expand your organization's capabilities outside its own four walls.

Data Republic's Data Sandbox product addresses the 6 roadblocks to adapt to, and drive disruption with real-world data, at scale and without consuming precious IT and Data Engineering resources:

  • Legals and Licensing: Governed data access enforced by both law and software. Common Legal Framework and per project license terms determine who has access, to what data, for how long and for what purpose.

  • Data Onboarding: Quickly and safely onboard enterprise data from a variety of sources. Store it securely in Manage Data for easy, governed access by project managers and projects.

  • Data Curation: Carefully curate a subset of data from your Manage Data into each project. Make only the right data available to execute your project objectives.

  • Data Protection: Protect customer data with privacy-preserving technology and audit logs, ensuring data is only accessed and analysed for approved purposes.

  • Secure Compute: Easily launch governed Virtual Machines with scalable compute and storage, with memory-optimized and deep-learning features such as GPUs.

  • Track and Trace: Track and trace the usage of data across all projects to ensure compliance with corporate policies and regulations.

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