For projects where you would like to collaborate with another organization, they are able to either sign a Platform License, or sign on as a Guest organization. By signing on as a Guest, the process of bringing other organizations onboard is simplified.

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Which agreements do Guests need to sign?

Every Guest organization needs to sign:

1. The Guest License

This agreement covers that they are being brought to the Data Republic platform under your Organization. By doing so, your Organization covers more responsibility over your Guest.

2. Either the Data Republic Common Legal Framework OR your Third Party Agreement.

This agreement covers the agreement with Data Republic.

When they have signed on as a Guest of your Organization, they will only be able to run projects with your organization, unless they sign further agreements with other organizations (at which point we recommend the Guest organization signing a Platform License agreement).

How to bring Guests onto the Data Republic platform

An Organization is able to use our Guest Portal to onboard Guests to the Data Republic platform. When this portal is sent to the Guest Organization, the Guest is able to receive the Guest License, notify Data Republic of any platform accounts that they will need, and request an onboarding/training session with Data Republic.

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