When loading data to the Contributor Node, you may come across some issues.

This article will go through how to troubleshoot:


  • You have installed the Contributor Node correctly with the help of Data Republic

Accessing the Contributor Node

If you are unable to access the Contributor Node, you may want to check if you have whitelisted the relevant URLs.

If you can confirm that the URLs are whitelisted, and you still are unable to access the Contributor Node, please contact support@datarepublic.com so that we can help to troubleshoot the issue further.

Loading data into the Contributor Node

If you see an error on the right side of your screen when you load PII into the Contributor Node, the error message is likely to give you an indication of the error.

When you see an error message, check the following in your data file:

  • Each column name is spelt correctly according to the data template (which can be downloaded from the Contributor Node)

  • There are no NA values or empty spaces in any cells (only empty cells where relevant)

  • Each column is formatted correctly

If your data is correct, try load the data again to the Contributor Node.

If you have loaded data incorrectly to the Contributor Node, and you would like to remove it, you can empty your token database.

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