In this article, we walk through how to resolve common issues with Workspaces including adjusting your screen resolution, reconnecting SQL Workbench to Redshift and resolving frozen or unresponsive Workspaces.

In this article, you will learn about:


Screen resolution

Workspace resolution is primarily controlled by the amount of zoom you have enabled on your web browser and the size of the browser itself.

  • Check that the zoom % you have on your browser is set at 100%.

  • Refresh the browser tab displaying the Workspace. Refreshing the browser resets the workspace display resolution to the new size & zoom of your browser.

  • If you resize your browser window, please refresh the browser again for the workspace to display correctly. To refresh your browser:
    • Mac: Command + R
    • Windows: Control + R, or
    • From the browser menu: View > ‘Reload this page’

Common SQL Workbench issues

If you are not active in your Workspace for a period of time, the application SQL Workbench will disconnect from the Redshift database with the following error message:

[Amazon] (500150) Error setting/closing connection: Not Connected. [SQL State =HY000, DB Errorcode =500150]

To resolve this in SQL Workbench,

  1. Click 'Files' in the top left corner

  2. Select 'Connect Window', and then 'OK'.

You should now be able to connect to the Redshift database.

Unresponsive workspace

When an application isn't working, you can restart the application (Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and force quit the application).

When the whole workspace has become unresponsive, you can stop and restart the workspace.

Before you stop the workspace - save your work!

How to stop and restart your workspace:

  1. Click the 'Stop Workspace' button on the right-hand side of the workspace page in the Data Republic platform

  2. Refresh the page until the workspace status shows 'Stopped'

  3. Click the 'Start Workspace' button on the right-hand side

  4. Refresh the page until the workspace status shows 'Running'

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