Data Republic offers two methods of signing into the platform. You can use your company identity provider (think G Suite, Active Directory, Okta) to sign into Data Republic. This feature is currently in its beta testing phase. If you would like access to the beta feature.

Or you can sign in with your Data Republic User name and password

In this article, you will find how to log into Data Republic with:


  • Ensure that you have a Data Republic account made for you with your email address. If you do not have an account, your Organization Administrator can learn how to create a new account here.

  • Confirm with your Organization Administrator if your Organization is set up for SSO

Accept your invite

Once your Organization Admin or Data Republic Support set up your account on the Data Republic you will receive an email invite to join.

Your invite is valid for one week.

After that time, you will need to ask your Organization Admin or Data Republic Support to resend your invitation.

1. Click Accept invitation button on the email

2. Select the method you will be using to sign into the Data Republic PLatform. if you are unsure, check with your Organization Admin or Data Republic Support

3a. If authenticating using Single Sign-On (SSO), click the Sign in with {Your org name} button. You will be authenticated using your company's identity provider.

3b. If authenticating with a Username and Password, fill out the onscreen form with your preferred First and Last names and your Password.

Note: Password must contain at least 8 characters can not be the same as your email and will be checked against the top 100,000 most common passwords database. if the password you choose doesn't meet these requirements you will be prompted to choose a new password

Signing In

  1. The first step requires entering your username or email address.

2. Once you've entered your email, you can choose one of two options on how to sign in.

Single Sign-On

3a. Click the button that in the screenshot about says 'Sign in with Data Republic'. Your Organization Admin will have created a different button.

Username and Password

3b. Click 'Sign in with your email and password', and enter in your password.

You will now be signed into Data Republic.

Note: For connecting to Data Republic via SFTP you will need to use your Data Republic username and password, not your SSO credentials.

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