What's New?

  • Memory Optimized Workspaces: a new Workspace type optimized for ML and AI. Unlike generic solutions, our solution is specifically optimized to support ML and AI R&D and evaluation.

What’s Improved?

  • Local workspace storage has doubled: you can work on larger datasets than ever before with 200GB of local storage on all new Workspaces.

  • Updated names for different workspace types: Easily select the right type of Workspace for your analysis.

What's Changed?

  • Upgrades to infrastructure and code libraries: we’ve been upgrading our infrastructure and code libraries in preparation for our ISO 27001 certification early next year.

  • Changed sign-in flow: From this release, you will need to enter your email on the first screen and your password on the second screen. This is the first change to support Single-Sign-On which has entered alpha testing.

  • Improvements to package loading: We've improved our package load dialogue box to better handle a large number of packages.

Sunsetted Features

  • Customer Cloud Suite: you will no longer be able to ingest data from your AWS S3 bucket directly to Senate using CCS.

  • Automated Insights: you will no longer be able to schedule a cadence for your analysis using Automated Insights.

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