What's New?

  • Making installation of Python packages easy: You can now install Python packages from PyPi and Anaconda in your Workspaces (Windows & Linux) yourself. Previously, users had to lodge a support request to have these installed. 

  • Making installation of R packages easy: You can also install R packages from CRAN within RStudio (Linux). Again, lodging a support request is no longer necessary.

This new feature allows analysts to install library dependencies without needing Data Republic's help, giving you more control over your Workspace. Please note that packages that have external binary dependencies, or other components not directly installable from PyPi, PythonHosted, CRAN, or Anaconda will still require a support request to be installed.

It's important to add that we've done this in a way that maintains strict control over what data is allowed to be uploaded or downloaded from the Workspace.  

Data Safety Measures

All Workspaces by default are segregated and completely isolated from the internet. To enable you to install your own Python and R libraries without compromising data protection, all installation requests go through our special proxy service. The proxy only allows "read only" requests to install standard packages from specific repositories that DR has whitelisted. Only the authorized Workspace users can pull the desired libraries from within that Workspace, and all access is logged and monitored. Our independent security auditor, Threat Intelligence, has conducted a thorough security review and audit, and we have implemented their recommendations prior to releasing this new feature.

What else has improved? 

  • Software updates: You have improved Workspace and application security thanks to updated Windows and Ubuntu versions, along with updates of applications included in Workspaces.

  • Network security enhancements: We have implemented changes to the web proxy and DNS servers exposed to your Workspace to further improve its network security in response to findings in regular penetration testing.

  • PyCharm shortcut: There is now a desktop icon/start menu entry for PyCharm.

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