This article is for anyone who may be leading a Project and needs to understand the legal, technical and project prerequisites.

Legal requirements

  • To use the platform: You have signed the Senate License agreement. If your organization has not signed the Senate License agreement and have been invited to participate in a project, your organization must execute a Guest License at a minimum to be invited to a project.
  • To participate in data sharing: You have the option of using the Data Republic's Common Legal Framework for data exchange (this only needs to be signed once). Alternatively, you can use your own pre-existing legal agreement if you have one. The legal framework for data sharing you select must be executed by all organizations involved in a data exchange.
  • To execute a data match: Organizations must also sign the Senate Matching Services module.

Technical requirements

  • Contributor Node installation: This is only required if your organization intends to tokenize data for matching at an individual level. Refer to the Senate Matching User Guide.
  • SFTP Client for data upload: This is required if you intend to upload large datasets in Senate. If you have any issues with this, please contact support@datarepublic.com. 

Set up your project team

You may delegate the below responsibilities to one or more users in your organization. If your organization has signed a Guest License, contact support@datarepublic.com to request a Senate login for your users if they do not have one.

To set up a project, you will need:

1. An analyst:
to upload transaction/attribute data and prepare a data package (in Senate);
ii) to analyze datasets in Senate (if your organization will be performing the data analysis);
iii) to prepare data for PII upload and tokenization (using your Contributor Node), and attach tokens to transaction/attribute data (this only applies to projects involving Senate Matching).

2. A project manager:
to create or be invited to a project;
ii) to delegate responsibility and oversee all tasks for your organization in order to execute a data sharing project on Senate

3. A data license approver:
to approve the data exchange on behalf of your organization

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