Data Republic are pleased to announce a new release of Senate Matching, release 1.7. This release is focused on improved support for Enterprise IT departments, particularly around on-boarding and IT security.

This release introduces support for SAML 2 for Contributor Nodes (CN). Previously, access was controlled through a username and password configured for the node. With this release, IT departments can specify the use of their own Identity Provider (IdP) using a SAML configuration file.

Support for Authentication via SAML2

Prior to this release users had to use hard coded credentials in order to login to their CN.

SAML2 integration has been introduced in order to allow our customers to use their existing Identity Provider to login into their CN.


  • Convenience - users now can use their existing organization's account (email / username) to login to the CN

  • Security - there is no longer a need to share the login credentials with multiple users

Create new matching field combinations

New qualifiers (aka 'composite fields') have been created

  1. given_name + family_name (available in US & SG only) 

  2. email + family_name

  3. phone + family_name

  4. dpid + family_name

  5. dpid + given_name

Performance and Stability

  • Performance improvements (around data upload)

  • Bug fixes

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