Data Republic has a number of controls in place to track and audit user activity. All activity on platform must adhere to Data Republic's Acceptable Use Policy. The following activities performed by users are tracked and have an audit trail on platform:

  1. Data management: the uploading of files, creation / modification of packages referencing data sources and loading of data to tables

  2. Data project and licensing: within a project, user activity is tracked in relation to the posting of messages in conversation threads, adding of users, uploading of attachments in conversations, creation / modification of data licenses, approval / rejection of data licenses and token match requests

  3. User management: creation of users, user last login date

  4. Data catalogue and listings: creation / publishing of data listings and data access requests via projects

  5. Workspace and analytics: creation / termination of workspaces, modification of workspace spec, user access to workspaces,  recording of workspace sessions (upon request only) and the approval / rejection of data extract requests.

For auditing Projects, each Project has an 'Audits' tab for actions completed in Projects.

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