What's New?

Antivirus scanning of attachments

  • All attachments uploaded via Conversations and Create a new legal framework will be scanned for viruses before upload. This is best practice and provides protection to organizations downloading files.

  • As a file can take time to scan, it may take up to 90 seconds before it is available for download.

  • Files suspected of being infected will be referred to our technology team to review and will not be available for download.

Update to naming convention of tables

Currently, naming conventions for tables include hyphens, which require table names to be quoted when used in redshift. (e.g. "pk-qa-194_example_table_name")

After the release, hyphens in table names will be replaced with underscores, so that table names will not need to be quoted in redshift. (e.g. "pk_qa_194_example_table_name")

What do I need to do?

  • For existing scripts: if a new table is loaded or re-loaded to the workspace, scripts will need to be amended to reference the updated table name as the original hyphenated table name will no longer exist.

Please note: names of existing tables in redshift will not change unless the table has been re-loaded to the workspace, for e.g. when data in a table has been updated.

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