Data Republic platform Hosts

  • As a Data Republic Participant who has licensed the Data Republic platform and executed the Third Party Exchange Module, you can invite organizations who have not yet licensed the Data Republic platform (called 'Guest organizations') to participate in data exchange project(s) hosted by your organization on platform. 

  • Under this scenario, your organization will be referred to as the 'Host' organization. Your relationships with other 'Guest organizations' can be tracked on platform. For more information, see 'Data Republic platform Guests' below.

Data Republic platform Guests

  • In order for Third Party organizations to access the Data Republic platform, they must be approved by Data Republic as a Third Party User and sign a Guest license. A Third Party User who has executed a Guest License will be referred to as a 'Guest' organization. 

  • Note: It is possible for an organization to be a Guest of multiple organizations if they have been invited to the Data Republic platform by different Host organizations to participate in data exchange on platform.

This article will cover the following topics:

Relationship between the Host and Guest

  • The Host is responsible for the actions of the Guest organization and their users on the Data Republic platform.

  • Organization administrators from the Host organization will be able to see when their Guest licenses are expiring on the Organization page, and prompt a renewal if the license is not set up for auto-renewal.

Relationship between the Guest and Data Republic

  • Since the Guest has not signed the Data Republic Software Agreement, there is a difference in the level of responsibility Data Republic holds over the actions of the Guest. 

  • For example, if the Guest contributes to a breach in Data Privacy by loading PI (Personal Information) onto the Data Republic platform, then the Host is held accountable. This is due to Guest being invited by the Host under a Guest license agreement, so the shift in responsibilities from Data Republic to the Host reflects the risk under this type of exchange with Guests.

Onboarding Guests

  • Guest organizations must be approved by Data Republic and sign a Guest license to access the Data Republic platform. 

  • Once the Guest license has been signed, Data Republic will create the Guest organization and users in the Data Republic platform.

  • The Host may then add users from the Guest organization to their project to negotiate and execute data exchange on the Data Republic platform.

  • Under the Third Party Exchange module executed by the Host, the Host may use their existing / bespoke legal agreement for data exchange with their Guest on platform.

Tracking Guest Licenses on the Data Republic platform

  • Organization Host administrators are able to view the details of their Guest(s) on their Organization page. This will include the effective and expiration date of the Guest license and whether the license auto-renews:

How can Guests view their Data Republic Host organizations?

  • Organization Guest administrators are also able to view details of their Guest license on their Organization page in the Data Republic platform. This includes the name of the Host, Guest license effective and expiration dates and whether their license auto-renews:

Data Republic’s Legal Framework - Guest License

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