What is Customer Cloud Suite (CCS)?

The Customer Cloud Suite (CCS) is currently the integration between the Senate governance platform and AWS cloud offerings.

CCS enables Senate users to facilitate data sharing projects utlizing data at rest stored on your AWS S3, in your secure environment.

For more information please see What is Customer Cloud Suite? 

What cloud providers can you integrate with?

Currently we only integrate with AWS with plans to expand the CCS to integrate with other cloud providers.

Who hosts the workspace? 

Data Republic hosts the workspace and during the analysis phase, your data will move to Data Republic's locked down workspace. This data will need to be stored in temporary memory while queries are run. This is instantly deleted once query finishes. Output of query will be stored temporarily until a new query is run. Any data downloaded locally to the workspace is protected by our regularly tested security protocols, and any output requests are reviewed by our expert data team.

For more information please see Setting local data sources and deploying work spaces with CCS

Can two collaborating organizations use their own S3 stores?

Yes two collaborating organizations can use their own S3 stores of data at rest as the data source for a data collaboration project.

As Data Republic is the host  of the workspace for the analytics this is as 'neutral zone' for data discovery.  During the analysis phase data will be stored in temporary memory in Data Republic then deleted immediately and protected by standard Senate platform rules.

As Data Republic is the host of my workspace, does my organization’s data leave our environment?

As Data Republic is the host of a workspace it means that during analysis of data, data from your organization will be in processing memory of the workspace. This is only temporary and is deleted when the querying of the data is complete. There is also the standard security protocols of Senate to ensure your data remains safe. This includes a locked down workspace with no external access, and governance checks on the output being requested from workspaces.

How can I get started?

Talk to a Data Republic representative to learn more about the Data Republic Senate platform.

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