What is Customer Cloud Suite (CCS)?

The Customer Cloud Suite (CCS) is currently the integration between the Senate governance platform and AWS cloud offerings.

CCS enables Senate users to facilitate data sharing projects without having to move source data from their own secured AWS environments. 

For more information please see What is Customer Cloud Suite? 

What cloud providers can you integrate with?

Currently we only integrate with AWS with plans to expand the CCS to integrate with other cloud providers.

Who hosts the workspace? 

Any organization in the project who has been set up with the ability to host a workspace can. Alternatively the workspace can be hosted by Data Republic at an additional charge.
For more information please see Setting local data sources and deploying work spaces with CCS

Can two collaborating organizations use their own S3 stores?

When there is two collaborating organizations, we recommend that Data Republic is the host so that there is a neutral workspace. Otherwise one of the contributors will have to move their data to the other contributor. When Data Republic hosts the workspace, data will be stored in memory in Data Republic then deleted immediately and protected by standard Senate platform rules.

Why would I want to choose Data Republic as the host of my workspace?

This enables a ‘neutral zone’ for data discovery. The alternative is that either one of the organizations involved in a data sharing project could host the workspace, which might mean data is shared into another organization’s environment, which does not suit all data contributors and their security requirements.

If you are a data contributor who is sharing data through the Senate platform, a neutral data discovery workspace is ideal to ensure your data is not transferred into the environment of the other organization.

If I choose Data Republic as the hose of my workspace, does my organization’s data leave our environment?

Choosing Data Republic as a host of a workspace will mean that during analysis of data, data from your organization will be in processing memory of the workspace. This is only temporary and is deleted when the querying of the data is complete. There is also the standard security protocols of Senate to ensure your data remains safe. This includes a locked down workspace with no external access, and governance checks on the output being requested from workspaces.

How can I get started?

Talk to a Data Republic representative to learn more about the Data Republic Senate platform.

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