We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of Senate Matching Release 1.4.0 (June 2019), including the latest version of our Contributor Node software. This release is focused on supporting our large enterprise customers, and contains several communication, stability, and performance improvements.

Here's what you need to know:

Support for enterprise HTTP proxies

Your Contributor Node communicates with the Matcher Network using gRPC, a protocol developed by Google that works over HTTP2. Unfortunately, this isn't always convenient for large enterprises – HTTP2 is not widely supported by the big proxy software vendors.

The latest version of the Contributor Node now supports HTTP1 as well. Use the environment variables in your start-up script to force your node to use HTTP1 and communicate via your proxy service.

Databank compatibility features

Australian Databank customers should find it easier to migrate to Senate Matching – we have extended support for Databank file formats and data preparation methods. Talk to DR customer success about our transition program.

Performance and Stability

We've made quite a few fixes and upgrades to support enterprise data loads. Your Contributor Node should easily handle uploads of up to 10 million rows in a single update.

Here's what you need to do:

Shutdown your current Contributor Node

To stop your currently running node, use the command contributor.sh down which will cleanly shutdown the Docker container.

$ sudo bash contributor.sh down

Update your start up script

Attached to these release notes is a new version of contributor.sh. Download and save this file in your environment.Edit your configuration settings

In your contributor.sh file you may want to change some of the settings from their default value. In particular, you should check:

  • API key / password (set HITCH_BASICAUTHPASSWORD)

  • HTTP proxy settings (especially if your node has had trouble communicating with Matcher nodes due to the HTTP2 issue – set HITCH_HTTP1COMPATIBILITYMODE and HTTPS_PROXY)

Restart your Contributor Node

Start your Contributor Node with the contributor.sh up command. The script will download the latest version of the node software (assuming you installed the new version). Your data will be preserved during the update.

$ sudo bash contributor.sh up -d

That's it! Grab some test data and try it out!


Do I HAVE to update?

DR recommends all customers update to this latest version of the Contributor Node. The update is not urgent however (there are no known security issues in the previous release).

Where do I get contributor.sh from?

The email containing these release notes should have the required files attached. Contact Customer Success if there are any issues.

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