If your organization would like to call its own legal framework into play for a data exchange (for example where you already have a contract in place with your partnering organization), the name of your legal framework(s) can be specified and applied to Data Licenses in the Data Republic platform.


To create a legal framework in the Data Republic platform:

  • A user must have the “Legal Framework - view, update and submit” permissions.

  • Your organization must have signed Data Republic’s Third Party Exchange module.

In this article, you will learn about 

  1. Creating a legal framework 

  2. Adding the legal framework to a Project

1. Click Legal Framework, then click the ‘Add new legal framework’ button.

2. Enter a name and description for your legal framework. All users in a project will be able to see the description if this legal framework is added to the project.

3. Automatic inclusion: Click ‘yes’ if you wish to have this legal framework automatically included in all new projects created. 

4. Click ‘Create legal Framework

5. Add any attachments related to the legal framework (optional).

6. Click update to submit the legal framework. The status will automatically change to approved. 

To make adjustments to your legal framework, click edit as a new version. 

Please note: any changes to the legal framework will only be applied to new projects.

If you selected 'Yes' to automatically include the legal framework in all new projects, you can proceed to 'Creating and approving a Data License'.

If you  selected 'No' to automatically including the legal framework in new projects, you will need to add the legal framework to each project to apply:

1. Go to your project's 'Legal Frameworks' tab and click “+Add legal framework to this project” 

2. Select the legal framework you would like to make available to your project. (This legal framework can be selected later in your Data License.)

3. Click on the legal framework to view its details. 

Next Steps

Creating and approving a Data License 

Once you have added a legal framework for data exchange to your project, you can select and apply the legal framework to the Data License you create. The Data License must be approved by all parties to the license.

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