What’s New? 

  1. Layout changes and guiding questions: to assist users in filling out the Data License

  2. Export as PDF button: to enable you to capture License details screen and easily share this with others

  3. View History: to see who has last updated the license

  4. Real time updates: Any changes saved by users will be reflected in real time.

View new layout here

What’s Changed? 

  1. License workflow changes for submitting: Only users from the Data Licensee organization may submit the license.

  2. License workflow changes for data owners: Only data owners will be able to add special conditions and/or commercials

  3. License layout changes: the ‘permitted use’ section in the old license layout can now be found under the new ‘Data License Terms’ section. Users will be asked to describe their ‘intended use’ for datasets.

What do I need to do? 

  • Only the data owner may add special conditions and/or commercials for their data package.

  • Only the organization listed as the Data Licensee can submit the license for review.

  • For more information, please refer to Creating and Approving a Data License.

  • No action is required for previously approved licenses. Refer to ‘Migrated Licenses’ below for more information.

Migrated Data Licenses

Licenses created prior the release will be migrated to the new layout, this will include any licenses in draft, approved or rejected status. The following message will indicate if a license has been migrated:

What changes will I see?

  • For migrated licenses only, the following license details will appear under the new ‘Data License terms’ section: intended commercials, permitted use description, output recipients, permitted use type, Senate Matching request, effective date of Data License / specific start date, Data License term.

  • The name of the Data Licensee organization will now display in the top right under the new layout. 

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