Project Conversations:

  • Anyone part of a conversation will now be able to see the date and time in which the other member/s have viewed the message. 

Connecting to Workspaces:

  • Analysts can continue to work in Workspaces whilst waiting for a change request to be approved

  • Workspace change requests are tracked (i.e. versioned) and can be viewed via the ‘Versions’ link on the Workspace tab (see below). Users will not be able to connect to previous versions, however, they can view what software and user access was requested.

  • From any Workspace tab, analysts can also navigate to the latest approved Workspace version and then connect to the Workspace by clicking on ‘View approved version’.

Other changes

  • Nomenclature changes to Data Packages, Data Listings, and Projects. The ‘owner’ of these objects has changed to ‘creator’ to more accurately reflect who created the data package. Changes can be seen in the Packages tab in Manage Data.

To learn more, please see the following articles: 

  1. Sending messages in Project Conversations

  2. Connecting to an existing Workspace

If you have any questions or feedback about the changes, please contact

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