What's new?

  • Permission descriptions: The Create New User / User Details screen now displays a meaningful description for available and selected permissions for users.

  • Role profile templates: Administrators can select from one of four permission templates when creating and/or assigning user permissions. Use of the permissions template is optional. 

What's changed?

How will this affect existing user profiles?

  • Cosmetic changes to the Create New User / User Detail screens only.

How will this affect user and permission management?

  • Administrators can quickly and confidently manage or assign user permissions based on meaningful descriptions of permissions and/or use of role profile templates.

What do I need to do?

  • If you do need to create a new user, or update an existing user permissions, you will notice there are now four role profile template buttons. Clicking on one of the buttons, will auto-populate and select a pre-defined set of permissions for that template. You can continue to modify the list of selected permissions by adding or removing any permissions in the Selected column.

Learn more about user management:

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If you have any questions or feedback about the changes, please contact support@datarepublic.com.

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