The Senate platform is the secure data sharing platform for your business whether you need an enterprise license, want to run a one-off project or you are ready to partner with Data Republic to build data products.

 The Senate platform underpins a network of hundreds of organizations who leverage Data Republic’s governance framework and technology as an emerging standard for secure data sharing, globally. The Senate platform is trusted by banks, airlines, blue-chip brands and governments across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Singapore.

Participate in a project

Project license holder:  Utilize the Senate platform for a one-off, no-lock-in project. Launch a proof-of-concept data sharing project using Senate with existing business partners or data from our marketplace. Once the shared data project is over you can end your license, work on a pay-as-you-go model with additional projects, or upgrade to an annual Senate License.

Guest license holder:  Be invited by an existing Senate project license holder to participate in a secure data collaboration project on Senate. Negotiate project terms with the license holder on Senate and govern data outputs.
Learn more about how Senate Projects work.

Participate as an enterprise:  Licensing Senate gives your organization unlimited access to Data Republic’s data sharing ecosystem. Run multiple projects simultaneously and empower your team to access 2nd-party data, foster new partnerships and drive competitive advantage, all while remaining in control of data security and customer privacy.

You can add data packages to the Data Republic Catalog for other organizations to discover and request access to in a data collaboration project. Alternatively, you can manage data packages on your organizations private Catalog. 

Learn more about the Data Republic Catalog.

Participate as a partner:  Become a Certified Partner to offer professional services to data owners interested in secure data sharing, data enrichment and data commercialization. Help clients realize the potential of the emerging data economy. Partners can also access datasets and tools on the Senate platform to generate new revenue streams through data product creation. 

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