Senate delivers a ‘data collaboration control-center’ where data teams can govern internal and external collaborative analytics projects. 

On Senate, organizations list datasets, negotiate license terms with partners, request and analyse data in Workspaces, build applications or Data Products, and govern the approved outputs from collaborative projects. 

Senate helps data owners overcome the common barriers to data collaboration by delivering unique governance and licensing workflows which eliminate privacy, data security and commercial risks to sharing data.

Whether you’re just getting started with exploring potential data partnerships or you’re scaling a maturing data monetization program, Data Republic’s Senate platform helps you to govern data sharing safely and sustainably. Data Republic works with hundreds of organizations across the full spectrum of data sharing. 

Below are some of the most common use cases for licensing Data Republic’s Senate platform.

Senate for Marketing 

  • Suppression list creation
  • Campaign audience definition
  • Audience data enrichment
  • Audience or customer data profiling
  • Loyalty and reward data allocation
  • Joint marketing audience creation
  • Joint marketing reporting
  • Closed-loop reporting 


Senate for Innovation 

  • POC Workbench: Analytics tools
  • POC Workbench:  New datasource
  • Innovation accelerator programs
  • Datathon/Hackathon events
  • Subsidiaries: Single customer view
  • Data Product development


Senate for Corporate Data Governance 

  • Secure data collaboration spaces
  • Data licensing management
  • Data sharing privacy compliance
  • Secure data pooling for modelling
  • Subsidiaries: Single customer view
  • Suppression list creation


Senate for Data Commercialization 

  • Data commercialization and licensing 
  • Data Product development
  • Data services creation (Institutional clients)


Senate for Consortiums 

  • Secure data pooling for modelling
  • Suppression list creation


Senate for Professional Services 

  • Data sharing management for mergers, acquisitions, divestments
  • Secure data collaboration spaces
  • Secure data pooling for industry modelling
  • Data product development
  • Data sharing practice creation


Data Republic enables hundreds of companies and governments around the world to safely collaborate with data. 

 To learn more about how companies have used our platform review case studies here. 

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