What's new?

  • Chrome and Anaconda 3 (based on Python 3.6) are now installed by default in new Workspaces. 

  • 'Output request' button: is now available on the Workspace Summary screen; this will enable Workspace users to request data output extraction from their workspace. Users who do not have access to a Workspace cannot request extraction.

What's changed?

How will this affect new and existing workspaces in projects? 

  • New Workspaces (created after December 1st 2018): will receive a default install of Chrome and Anaconda 3; Anaconda 2 can still be installed by requesting this software from a list when creating the Workspace. To request data extraction, only authorized users (with access to the Workspace) can use the 'Request output' button found on the Workspace Summary screen.

  • Older Workspaces (created before December 2018): will not receive Chrome and Anaconda 3 as the update is not supported. Any data output extraction must also be requested via a Conversation in the Project, so that Data Republic may review the request for approval.

What do I need to do?

  • To request data output extractions for new Workspaces (created from December 2018 onwards), please use the 'Request output' button found on the Workspace Summary screen. You must be listed as a user of the Workspace.

Learn more about requesting output extractions

For further assistance or feedback, please contact support@datarepublic.com.

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