The Data Republic Platform solves complex legal, data security and privacy barriers to data sharing, making it simpler and more secure for your organization to share and license data for analytics.

This article provides you with a quick tour of the Data Republic Platform.

In this article for new Data Republic platform users, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Before you begin

  2. Logging into the Data Republic platform

  3. Overview of the Data Republic Platform features

Before you begin

Ensure you can access the Data Republic platform. 

Logging into the Data Republic platform

Data Republic is offered in 3 regions; USA, Australia, and Singapore. We have listed the relevant URLs below. Clicking on the URL for your region will take you to the sign-in screen where you sign in using your credentials:

If you do not have credentails, ask your organization's platform administrator to create an account for you. If you do not know who your organization's platform administrator is contact

For forgotten passwords, proceed to the sign in page and click 'forgot password' to reset your password.

Quick tour of the Data Republic platform

From the left navigation menu in the Data Republic platform you can create or be invited to projects to participate in a data exchange; search for data packages to add to your project; or upload data and prepare a package for exchange. Depending on your user permissions and access, you may be able to perform some or all actions across screens in the Data Republic platform.

If you are an administrator for your organization, you can create users and manage permissions. For more information, see Overview of User Management

If your organisation has not licensed the Data Republic Platform, please contact for assistance to update user permissions.

1. Set up your first data exchange project: 

Govern your data exchange with Third Party organizations by setting up a project on the Data Republic platform. A project is a collaborative space where terms for the data license can be discussed and agreed.

 Projects have a particular objective and outcome. For example: to create a suppression list for a marketing campaign, to complete a data match to understand characteristics of shared customers, etc. A new project is usually set up for each exchange conducted with a Third Party organization. Data packages (containing meta data references to datasets) for exchange will need to be prepared and added to the project before a data license can be submitted and approved by all organizations involved. Access to data is only granted once a data license is approved. 

For more information, see Overview of data exchange projects.

2. Upload and prepare data for exchange:

Use 'Manage Data'  to upload and manage your files/datasets. 

  • Upload aggregated, de-identified or tokenized data (if you intend to complete a data match later) to the Data Republic platform and prepare a data package for exchange in a project. 

  • In your data package, reference any files, tables or views you would like to share; the package only contains references to meta data not the data itself. Access to data is only granted upon license approval in a project. 

For more information about data management, see Overview of data preparation steps.

For those interested in learning more about the Privacy-Preserving Matching service (formally known as Senate Matching) to tokenize and match PI, see Overview of Privacy-Preserving Matching.

3. Use Data licenses to control who can access your data for permitted use

A data license is an agreement between the data recipient organziation and data owner organizations. A data license must be approved by participating organizations before access to data can be granted. 

For more information, see Creating and approving data licenses.

4. Access approved datasets for analytics in secure Workspaces

Once a data license in your project is approved, you can request a workspace to access and analyze approved datasets in the Data Republic platform. For more information, see What is a Workspace?

Other support resources

If you have any questions about the Data Republic Platform, contact us using the Support Chat on the bottom right or email

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