What's new?

  • Configure your own Workspace

  • License & Permitted Use are now merged

  • Versioning of packages to track changes

  • Changes to the data license 'approver' role and approval workflow

  • Senate platform performance improvements

What's changed?

  1. Workspaces tab: Customers will have the ability to select workspace configuration options, straight from a ‘project’, as well as the ability to request package loads and data updates.

  2. Licenses tab: We have centralized the data license legal terms within a project by merging 'Permitted Use' into the 'License' workflow. 

  3. Package versioning: Any changes to file, table or view references in packages will require a new version of the package to be created.

  4. Data license approver role: A data license approver can now view all projects their organization is involved in. An approver doesn’t need to be added to the project to approve a license, unless they need to participate in the project as a user.

  5. Project permissions: As part of the changes to user permissions, anyone in a project can now create or submit a data license.

  6. Platform performance: We’ve deployed a new micro services architecture to improve performance and stability across the platform. You will see a noticeable improvement to the performance of Senate.

What do I need to do?

ACTION REQUIRED: Users may need to access projects directly through Senate as email notification hyperlinks have changed and will no longer work.

Invalid email links may include:

  • Links to unread conversation messages in projects

  • Links to view/approve data licenses; any data licenses pending approval after the release will revert to 'draft' status and will need to be re-submitted for approval

  • Links to view your workspace will be invalid

2. Changes to workflow status for workspaces and projects

ACTION REQUIRED: Any workspace or data license requests pending approval will need to be re-submitted in Senate (the original request will be invalid after the release).

3. Configure your own workspace

ACTION REQUIRED:  You can now select from a list of available options for your preferred workspace size and configuration. To request a workspace, you must have 'workspace_creator' permission. Once a workspace is approved, anyone in the project can request to add a package, tokens (for Senate Matching projects), and reload an updated package or new version to your workspace (as long as your license permits package updates).

4. Create a new version of your package

ACTION REQUIRED: If you need to update file, table or view references in a package, create a new version. Add the new package version to your project if you need to load it to your workspace. Any table in the workspace with the same name will be replaced with the new table.

You DO NOT need to create a new version to update data in a table. You can load new data to a table and then reload the package to the workspace if required.

5. Improvements to user roles / permissions


  • Approving data licenses: You do not need to add data license approvers to projects. They will be able to view all projects and data licenses pending approval by your organization. However, if you require them to view/participate conversations or view the workspaces tab you will need to add them to your project and give them the relevant permission / role.

  • Creating/submitting data licenses: Anyone in a project can create and submit the data license. This enables experienced users to assist new users to create and draft a license for review.

If you have any questions, please contact support@datarepublic.com or message the support team via the support chat on the bottom right.

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