Before beginning your Project, it is important to understand the project workflow and plan for success.

In this article, you will learn about:

Your responsibilities as a Project Manager

  • Understand the project workflow on the Data Republic platform

  • Assign roles and responsibilities for each user

  • Communicate progress and project timelines to all parties involved

  • Onboard your data exchange partner (if you are inviting them to the project)

  • Ensure legal requirements have been discussed and agreed (internally and between you and your data exchange partner)

  • Understand how to create a Data License (i.e. a data sharing agreement) to define permitted use of datasets in a project

  • Manage the timeline, budget and associated costs for your project

Project Kick-Off

Once you have a good understanding of your project goals, and success criteria, you can identify which people from your organization will need a user account on the Data Republic platform. Contact your Organization's Administrator to set up user accounts

For more information please see User Management.

Overview of Projects

Prior to starting a Project on the Data Republic platform, the data is prepped and made into packages. If you are prepping and managing the data for exchange, refer to the Quick start guide for Analysts.

Onboard your Partner

If your data exchange partner is not already using the Data Republic platform, Data Republic can help you to onboard those users. This organization is known to Data Republic as a Guest organization. A Guest organization is required to sign the Guest License for access to the Data Republic platform.

Data Republic can set up the Guest organization and their users on the Data Republic platform to enable you to invite them to your project and execute a Project.

  • If you are a Data Custodian (data owner) in the project, you are responsible for getting internal approval (i.e. from relevant teams such as legal, risk, etc) to exchange datasets with your Partner. 

  • If your partnering organization has not licensed the Data Republic platform, they may execute a Guest License to be invited to the platform as your Guest and undertake a data exchange project with you. Contact for more information.

  • A new project and data license needs to be created. Data can only be used for the purpose set out in the license.

  • A data license must be approved by the data recipient organization as well as the data owner organization(s) and Data Republic for the license to be legally binding. 

  • Upon license approval, data may be accessed in a secure Workspace and used to create a data product. The data product may be extracted as an output from the Workspace if permitted by the Data License. 

  • If the data product output recipient is different to the organization specified as the data licensee (i.e. data recipient) in the license, a Data Product End User License Agreement between data product owner and data product recipient must be executed. Please contact Data Republic for a copy.

Manage the Project Budget

The Project Manager should be aware of costs associated with the project such as workspace specification, including size and performance, as well as the creation of additional user accounts. These add on costs are outlined in the agreements between Data Republic and your organization if you have executed the Platform License.

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