Once your project goals have been met and data output has been provided, consider the following before terminating your Workspace and its contents:

Do you need to hibernate your Workspace so that the contents are recoverable later?

If your data license has not expired yet, you can request to hibernate any workspaces at the project's conclusion (or when analytics is no longer required). Hibernation of any workspace will be charged at an additional cost per month. The workspace can be reactivated as needed, assuming there is an active license associated with it. You will not be able to access a workspace while it is hibernated.

Have you extracted the data pipeline used to produce your output?

If may be useful to extract the code (or data pipeline) used to create your output, before requesting to terminate a workspace. If required at a later stage and subject to your data license agreement, your output can easily be re-created if you need to make changes to the output. To request an extract of your code, refer to the same steps outlined in Getting your output from the workspace.

Terminate a Workspace

 To terminate a Workspace and delete all of its contents, including the associated redshift database and tables:

  1. Agree upon whom in the project should be terminating the Workspace. Note: anyone in a project will have the ability to close a Workspace.
  2. On the Workspace details screen, click the “Terminate this Workspace” button.

 3. Agree to the Workspace termination conditions and acknowledge that all project members will no longer be able to access any data from the Workspace (see below). Click Terminate this workspace to submit your request.

Please contact support@datarepublic.com if you have any questions.

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