Data Republic is a trust framework and platform for data exchange between organizations. Through the Data Republic Catalog, we offer a vibrant marketplace for data exchange within a secure, private and governed environment; enabling participants to identify and quantify the value of their data to others. Data Republic enables companies to embed their data into other companies’ execution systems, increasing the likelihood of a stream of value to you as a data owner. 

To help you get started as a Data Custodian (owner) on Senate, consider the following about your data, vision and requirements (e.g. around governance, control, security and privacy) for data sharing. 

Data landscape

  • What data do you have internally and where are those data stored?
  • How easily and quickly can this data be extracted for sharing?

Quality of data

  • What is the current quality and completeness of the data and what do you think might be needed to get them in a form to exchange?
  • What format are they stored (e.g. csv); how granular are they; how are the fields and rows collected, and what might this mean for others using the data?

Data ownership/authority

  • Who in your organization owns the data (or is custodian of the data) and whose approval will be needed to share data with Data Republic and end users?

Data revenue opportunities

  • Which industries and organizations would want to access your data?  How would they apply your data to change their outcomes?  
  • Where do you see revenue opportunities for your data and are you currently already selling data to third parties? What data can be supplied?
  • Have you identified use cases for your data (also in combination with data sets from other data custodians to whom you may already selling your data)? Are these data custodians already a Data Republic participant?
  • What are the applications (insights, targeting, measuring) have you thought of?

Opportunities with other data custodians

  • What datasets from other data custodians could be 'powerful' in combination with your own? If these datasets have already listed in the Data Republic Catalog, this could create immediate opportunities for new data products.

Special conditions or restrictions for data use

  • Can your dataset be combined or matched with other type of dataset across industries / verticals? 
  • Are there any restrictions on industries you do not wish to work with?

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