Once you have selected a use case for data exchange, you must define the key requirements for your project to succeed. Key considerations for developing and refining your use case for data exchange are below. This information can then be used to create a data license to request access to data for permitted use. It will also help you to communicate your project objectives to data custodians and what data you require for analysis. 

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Project Summary

    Provide a description of your project

  • Describe your use case for data exchange
  • Outline what business questions you are seeking to answer, and what data product will be created to achieve this.

    Who is the organization requesting access to data for analysis?

  • The requestor (data licensee) will need to create and submit a data license to request access to the data for the project

    Who is the end user of the data product? 

  • Will the product be created for internal use or be provided to a client?
  • If it will be provided to a client, who is the organization? They will need to first sign an End User License Agreement (EULA) before they can access the product.
  • Will the data licensee create a data product to sell to multiple clients?
  • Are they conducting analytics to answer a single client’s questions?
  • Are they conducting analytics to answer internal questions as a part of a research project?

Market Sizing and Pricing

  • If this is a product that can be sold to multiple clients, what is the estimated market size? What is the pricing structure for the product?
  • Is there budget approval for the project; what is the threshold for approval by your manager (e.g. can it be approved by your department or will it require approval from an executive manager?)
  • If this is a product for a single client, are there possibilities of follow up projects; or will the project require regular updates to the dataset?
  • Are there any intangibles that should be considered as part of the value of the project?
  • If this is an internal project, how does it impact the bottom line?

Data requirements

   What data do I need to consider in my analytics:

  • What are the ideal input fields you would like to have? Are there available table schemas in the Catalog to explore; if not, ask the data custodian for more information.
  • What are the minimum required inputs?
  • What date/time filters should be applied to the dataset (if applicable)?
  • During the access term, will updates to the dataset be required?

   What do you need to achieve your insight goals?

  • Does the data custodian have what you need?
  • If not, how does this change the way you will achieve your project goals? Do you need to request a sample dataset to confirm the reliability of the data to produce insights?

   How long will the analysis take?

  • What is the access term you require to complete your analysis?

Data Extraction requirements

   What are the ideal outputs you would like to create?

  • Consider the fields you will be grouping by and what metrics will you be including in your output;
  • This information will help the data custodian prepare the required datasets for your project and forms part of the permitted use in your data license.

   How many extracts will you require and how often?

  • The frequency of extract requests may affect pricing.
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