This article is for anyone who is responsible for setting up and maintaining approval workflows for their organization.

In this article, you will learn about the workflow in the Data Republic platform that require approval: 

This will cover:

  • What the workflow is

  • Approval workflow

  • The relative permissions


  • You have the relevant permissions in the Data Republic platform for approving workflows

Data Licenses

What is a data license?

Data Licenses are created in a project to formalize terms of a data exchange. Data Licenses specify the name of the licensee organization (data recipient), data packages to be exchanged, conditions for the intended use of data, access term for data packages and related commercials. Learn more

Data license approval workflow

  • Data Licenses are created and submitted to each organization's approver group.

  • Only users from the Data Licensee organization may submit the license.

  • Upon approval by all organizations (i.e. licensee and data custodian organizations), the Data Republic platform admin will need to approve the license before data access can be provisioned.

  • Note: Approvers don't need to be added to a project to approve the license. However, if you require the approver to participate in project conversations you must add them to the project. Anyone in the approver group will receive a notification when a license has been submitted for approval, however, only one user from the group needs to approve. 

  • Notification: the licensee org approver(s) and submitter will receive an email notification when the license has been approved or rejected.

Data license permissions

  • Data License Manager - can approve data licenses on behalf of their organization.

Managing user permissions

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