What's new?

  • Versioning for Contributor Term Sheets

  • Audit tab for Term Sheets

What's changed with Term Sheets?

We have introduced 'versioning' for Contributor Term Sheets. This will allow users to edit term sheets that are no longer in draft status. Edits can be made by creating a new version of the term sheet. 

Creating a new version will automatically make any previous versions of a term sheet inactive. Inactive term sheets cannot be edited. 

New versions follow the normal workflow for term sheets. They are created in 'draft', edited, then submitted to an approver in your organization 'for review'. If approved, it is submitted to Data Republic in 'pending platform approval' status. From here, the term sheet can be approved or rejected by the Data Republic platform admin.

Any changes are tracked in the audit tab of your term sheet. The audit tab provides your organization with full visibility of the time and date a term sheet is created, modified, submitted, approved or rejected.

When do I need to create a new version?

A new version can be created if you need to edit a term sheet that is no longer in 'draft' status. You will need to create a new version if the term sheet you want to edit is in 'for review', 'pending platform approval', 'approved' or 'rejected' status.

If you have questions or require assistance please contact support@datarepublic.com.

Support resources

Refer to our support article for more information on how to create a new version.

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