The Closed Catalog holds Data Listings available only to organizations who have licensed the Data Republic Platform. Using the Closed Catalog, organizations can easily manage their internal Data Listings, and share data packages from these listings with other third party organizations. Data Listings published to the Closed Catalog are only visible to users within that organization. 

The Closed Catalog feature operates in the same way as the Data Republic Catalog, allowing users within an organization to discover, review summary information on Data Listings, and request access to datasets for any project using the ‘Find a data set’ button in the left menu of the Data Republic Platform. 

The Closed Catalog offers more detailed information on the Data Listing than what would be found in the Manage Data tab where files, databases and packages are stored. 

Once a request is to access data for a project is made by a user within your organization, your organization’s Data Custodian (or data package creator) is automatically added to the project to discuss the data request with a third party.

Note: third party organizations must sign Guest Licence agreement with Data Republic or have an existing agreement with Data Republic to be added to the project.

A Data License to request the permitted use of data must be submitted by the third party and approved by all project participants prior to access to data being granted. Data is usually provided within a secure analytical space on the Data Republic platform called a Workspace. Any output off the Data Republic platform must align with the agreed permitted use in the Data License.

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