To approve and publish a Data Listing to the Closed Catalog or Data Republic Catalog, you must have the user permission ‘Listing_publisher’. This permission enables you to:

  • View all of your organization’s Data Listings within the Data Republic Catalog and your organization’s Closed Catalog. 

  • Approve or reject listings

  • Amend the visibility settings for Catalog listings.

Note: Once a Data Listing is approved or rejected, it cannot be amended. A new version of the listing will need to be created if modification to the Data Listing is required.

Preview a Data Listing 

From the main menu, select My listings.

Click on a data listing in 'For review' status to review it.

Click the ‘Save and Preview’ button on the top right to preview the listing.

Review the Overview tab, and About the Data tab:

  • The ‘Overview’ tab should provide a description of what the data listing contains and any potential applications or use cases. 

  • The ‘About the Data’ tab shows table metadata and any files listed in the package.

If you’re happy with what you see, go back to the previous screen to approve 

Approve a Data Listing

Once you have previewed a Data Listing in 'For review' status, you are ready to approve or reject the listing for publishing.

Note: The version number you are currently viewing is indicated on the top right. If there is a previously approved version, you can navigate to the previous version by clicking on the ‘View approved version’ link on the top right to compare versions when reviewing the listing.

To approve a Data Listing, click 'Approve' on the bottom right of the listing.

A message will appear to ask you where you want this listing displayed. 

  • Check the box next to the Data Republic Catalog if you want the listing to be visible to all Data Republic users who have access to the public Catalog.

  • If your organization has licensed the platform, you will have the option to publish the listing to your organization’s Closed Catalog. Listings in this Catalog are visible to your organization only.

If neither options are selected, the status of the listing will still be Approved but the listing will not be visible in any Catalog.

If you reject the Data Listing, the status of the Listing is updated to Rejected on the My Listings screen.

Once a listing is rejected, it cannot be edited. 

A new version of the listing can be created and re-submitted for approval.

Note: You must notify the owner if you have rejected their listing so they can create a new version and re-submit for approval.

Why can't I see my listing in the Catalog?

If you have approved a listing, check the visibility setting to ensure it is visible in a Catalog: 

  1. Go to 'My Listings' (found in the left navigation menu)

  2. Click on your approved listing

  3. Go to the 'Visibility' tab and tick the box next to the Catalog you want to publish to. Changes take effect immediately; view your listing by clicking on the 'Find a dataset' button on the top left, and navigate to a Catalog to find your listing.

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