New versions of listings can be created to supersede previous versions. This means that only the latest approved version of a listing can be displayed in the Data Republic Catalog and/or Closed Catalog. 

Note: Creating a new version of a listing will not change the status of previous versions, however, it will disable the visibility setting for any version that is currently visible in the Catalog, even if the new version is still in draft status.

To create a new version:

From the main menu, select My listings.

Click on an approved or rejected listing that you would like to create a new version for.

Click the Versions tab, click on the version you want to edit, and click the ‘Edit as new Version’ button or ‘Restore as draft version’ seen on older listing versions.

A new version of the listing is copied and created in 'draft' status for you to edit. Edit as required and click ‘Save and Preview’ to review the listing. If you’re happy with how it looks, return to the editing page and click 'Submit'. The listing is now in ‘review’ status and is awaiting approval from your organization’s designated publisher. 

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