his article shows you how to create, review and submit a Data Listing for approval, to be published in a Catalog on the Data Republic platform.

In this article you will learn how to

  1. Data Listing Workflow

  2. Create a Data Listing

  3. Review a Data Listing

  4. Submit a Data Listing for approval

Learn more about Data Listings:

  1. What is a Data Listing 

  2. How to write a Data Listing


To create a Data Listing in the Catalog you must have the user permission ‘Listing creator’. This permission enables you to view all of your organization’s Data Listings within the Catalog. You will be able to see approved Data Listings, as well as listings in draft, pending or rejected status.

If you’re unsure about who is your organization’s designated ‘Listing creator’ is you can contact support@datarepublic.com for assistance.

Data Listing Workflow

  • A Data Listing is created in draft, then submitted for review and approval. Your organization's listing publisher can approve or reject the listing for publishing.

  • Upon approval of a Data Listing, the publisher can set the visibility of the listing and select a Catalog to publish the listing to. Learn more about types of Catalog

Create a Data Listing

A Data Listing is created in ‘Draft status’ and moves to ‘For review status’ when it is submitted to your organization’s designated publisher who can approve or reject the listing for publishing.

To create a Data Listing:

From the main menu, select My Listings and click Create a new Listing.

Complete the fields on the Listing Overview screen:


Name: Give your Data Listing a name. The name of your Data Listing will be used on the Catalog, either the Data Republic Catalog or Closed Catalog depending on your preference. 

Description: Describe your data and its characteristics in detail, providing example approved use cases and licensable outputs.   

Data Package: Select a data package.
Note: You will need to create a data package first before you can add it to your Listing.

Pricing: Prices are exclusive of GST or local taxes. Please indicate a pricing range or starting price if you want to assign a price to the Data Listing. If you have variable pricing, enter ‘Price available upon request’ 

List the locations that the data covers, if applicable: Add all the locations covered by the data. To add a location, start typing the name of the location or country to populate a list of matching locations. Select a location to add it to the list.   

Once a Listing is created, it is saved in Draft status under My Listings.

Review a Data Listing

From the main menu, select My listings. Click on a listing in Draft status to review.

An overview of the Data Listing is displayed. 

Review and edit the listing if required.

Click Save and Preview to preview how the Listing will appear to Data Republic platform users browsing the Catalog.

An ‘Overview’ of the Listing description is displayed.

In the ‘About the Data’ tab, you will see a list tables, views or files, if they have been added to the data package.

Select a Table or View from the dropdown list to display details of the table, such as column name, description and data type.

Click the Back to edit this listing link to return to the Editing screen.

The Visibility tab shows who within your organization has access to your listing and what listing permissions they have.

Once the listing has been approved by the designated publisher, the publisher can select which Catalog they want the listing to be published and displayed to (i.e. the Data Republic Catalog or your organization's Closed Catalog if your organization has licensed the Platform). 

Type column refers the type of user who has access to your listing (i.e. you as the creator of the listing, certain users within the organization and groups with specific permissions).

Target column shows to the name of the user or groups who have access to your listing.

Role column refers to what listing permission the user type has.

Click the Audit tab, to view an audit log for the Data Listing. 

The audit log will display when the listing was created, modified (i.e. version updates, changes to the visibility settings) and approved for publishing.

Submit a Data Listing for approval

Once a listing in Draft status has been reviewed and edited, the listing can be submitted to your organization’s designated publisher for approval.

From the main menu, click My listings.

Click on a Data Listing in Draft status.

Review the Data Listing and edit as required.

1. Click on Save and Preview to view how the listing would appear to a user browsing the Catalog.

2. To return to the editing screen, click ‘Back to edit this listing’.

3. Click Submit to send the Data Listing to the publisher for approval.

The My listings page will be displayed, and your listing will appear in ‘For review’ status.

Can I edit the listing once it has been submitted?

Once a Data Listing is submitted for approval and is in ‘for review’ status it cannot be edited. If changes need to be made to the listing, contact your publisher and ask them to reject the listing. If you have the ‘publisher’ permission, you can click on the listing to approve or reject.

If a listing is rejected, you can then proceed to create a new version of the listing and re-submit for approval. To edit a rejected listing, go back into the listing and click 'Edit as a new version' to make changes.

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