Data Republic platform Users can access Data Listings in the Data Republic Catalog or the Closed Catalog using the ‘Find a data set’ button in the left navigation menu. 

Note: Data Listings in the Closed Catalog are only visible to users within an organization that has licensed the Data Republic platform.

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What's in a Data Listing?

Data Listings contain detailed descriptions of Data Packages, including metadata such as variables and data types in tables. It gives users a glimpse into the shape of the data that is included in the Listing; and allows users to request access to the data through a Data Republic Project. When browsing a Data Listing, users can read the description to decide if the dataset is right for them. This includes noting information such as how the data was collected, data variables, any limitations to the use of the data, and pricing if applicable. 

Find a Data Listing

From the main menu on the left, click 'Find a data set'.    

Data listings in the Data Republic Catalog are displayed by default.

If your organization has licensed the Data Republic Platform, you can view your organization’s Data Listings by selecting Closed Catalog from the dropdown menu.

A preview of Data Listings in the Catalog are displayed. 

Click on a Data Listing tile to explore the full listing.

An overview of the dataset is displayed. 

The description of the dataset may include helpful information such as data characteristics, location that the data covers, potential use cases and licensable outputs.

Pricing indicated is exclusive of local taxes.

Click on the second tab called About the Data to learn more about the structure of the data.

The About the Data tab shows you what’s in the Data Package.

The package may include files, tables or views. If a table or view of a table is included in the package, select a table to view its variables. Details of the table are shown, including column name, description, and data type.

To request access to data in the listing, click the ‘Request access to data’ button.

You will need to link your request to an existing project to discuss your data requirements with the Data Custodian. Note: If you haven’t created a project yet, create a project first. Give your project a name, description and create your requested ‘permitted use’. Then come back to the Data Listing to click ‘request access to data’.  

The Data Custodian who owns the data package will automatically be added to your project. View the People tab, to see who has been added. You can also add other users to your project.

Note: Only people with an authorized Data Republic account can be added to your project.

Click on the Conversations tab, to create a new conversation with the Data Custodian to discuss your data requirements.

Note: The default Conversation is automatically created with the same name as the project name. Anyone added to the project will automatically be added to this Conversation and can see the Conversation history. 

To a create private conversation with selected users, click ‘New Conversation’ and add users who you would like to communicate with using their email address. Email addresses of users can be found in the People tab of your project. Users must be added to a project first, before you can add them to a Conversation.

Once a project has been created, collaboration with a Data Custodian on your project requirements can commence immediately via the Conversations feature. Here, project participants can discuss the intended use of the datasets, whether it will be combined with any other datasets, what output is intended, who the recipient will be and any commercials. 

Data Custodians need to provide their approval for their Dataset to be used in the project, and this will form the recipient’s approved ‘Permitted Use’ for the Data Package. A Data License will need to be created to outline an agreement between the recipient organization, the Data Custodian and Data Republic, including the permitted use of any datasets, terms of access and the commercials for each dataset. The Data License will need to be approved by all participants, prior to access to data being granted. Data analysis on the Data Republic platform may be carried out in a secure Workspace within a Data Republic project.

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