This article provides an overview of how to get started as a Data Custodian (data owner) on Senate. It is for anyone involved in creation or management of Data Listings on Data Republic’s Senate Platform. 

In this article you will learn about:

  1. Legal requirements 
  2. Types of Catalog on Senate
  3. What is a Data Listing
  4. How to create a Data Listing
  5. Managing data requests from the Catalog

Legal requirements:

To publish a Data Listing, your organization must sign the:

  • Data Republic Senate License (to use the Closed Catalog only), or
  • Data Republic Senate License and Common Legal Framework (to use the Data Republic Open Catalog and/or Closed Catalog). The Common Legal Framework can be used as the basis for commercializing data sets through highly repeatable exchanges on the Data Republic Marketplace, or for discrete private exchanges with select partners.
  • Data Republic Senate Matching Services module (is applicable if the Data Republic Senate Matching Services is used for data tokenization and matching of datasets)

To conduct an exchange with a third party organization, the following modules from the license are applicable:

  • Participants are able to use their existing legal arrangements by selecting the Third Party Exchange Module, or use
  • Data Republic's Common Legal Framework.

For more information please refer to Data Republic's legal framework

Types of Catalog on Senate

  • The Data Republic Catalog is an open catalog where you can publish datasets for commercialisation. Senate users (whose organization has also signed the DRPA) can explore available datasets and request access.
  • The Closed Catalog is private and visible to your organization only. As an organization who has licensed Senate, you can use this Catalog to manage your datasets internally for exchange. Authorized users within your organization can view published datasets, data listing descriptions and request access to datasets for their insight projects.

What is a Data Listing?

Data Listings are created and managed by Data Custodians who participate in Data Republic’s secure data exchange ecosystem. Listings provide an easy way for Senate users to evaluate and request access to specific slices of data (Data Packages) for insight projects on Senate.  

How to create a Data Listing

The steps for creating and publishing a data listing on Senate platform are:

1. Preparing your dataset for exchange

  • Upload your dataset to Senate
  • Create a database and table for your dataset
  • Create a term sheet for your database and control how your dataset may be shared by Data Republic. Submit your term sheet to Data Republic for approval.
  • Create a data package for your data listing (Note: the data package creator will automatically be added to any projects that have requested/added this package to their project; contact Data Republic if this needs to be changed to someone else)

2. Creating a Data Listing

  • Create a Data Listing for your data package
  • Submit your Data Listing for approval

3. Publishing a Data Listing

  • Review and approve your organization's Data Listing
  • Select a Catalog to publish your Data Listing to

Managing data requests from the Catalog

Workflow for requesting a dataset from the Catalog

  1. Senate user requests access to data from a Data Listing in the Catalog
  2. The data package and data package owner is automatically added to a project to discuss the data request with the Senate user via a Conversation in the project.

Workflow for managing data requests from the Catalog

  1. The standard workflow for a project  applies when a request to access data is submitted. The Senate user adds the data package from a Listing to their project; the package owner is automatically added to the project to discuss and review data requirements.
  2. The Senate user creates and submits a data license to request access data for permitted use.
  3. If the data license is approved by all data owners, a request can be made to provision the data in a secure Workspace for analysis.
  • Any data extract requests from a workspace must align with the agreed permitted use in the data license. 
  • Data Republic will perform a release check prior to approving any requests to extract data off Senate. Approved output can be downloaded from a link provided to the licensee in a Conversation within the project.

Get started

Upload and prepare your data for exchange

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