When engaging with Data Custodians, remember to clearly define your objective - what problem are you trying to solve and what data product (output) will you build? You will need to build a strong business case to convince Data Custodians to approve your data request for public or private data products. Data Custodians can approve or reject your request upon evaluating the information you provide. Therefore, it is important to consider the following from a Data Custodian's perspective:


  • Privacy - Will your output be constructed in a way that minimises risk to privacy? Will there be any risk of re-identification of individuals?
  • Conflict of interest - Does your objective conflict with the commercial interests of the contributor?
  • Reputation and ethics - Is there a risk of overstepping legal or social boundaries?

Revenue potential

  • What is the revenue potential of your data product? 
  • Are you creating a public data product that can be sold multiple times as opposed to a one-off? 
  • Is there a long term return on investment for the data custodian? How does it compare with other return on investment opportunities for them?

Market potential

  • Has it been done before? 
  • Is there a robust business case? 
  • Is the pricing of your product realistic if it is a public product? 
  • Do you have an existing client base to sell to?

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