The ‘intended use’ of a dataset should define how data will be used in a project and the proposed outputs which can be extracted off the Senate Platform. The ‘intended use’ forms part of the Data License that is submitted to request access to data. You will need to ensure the ‘intended use’ that you are proposing is easy-to-read and includes enough information for a Data Custodian to evaluate your data request. If you require access to more than one dataset for your project, you may draft your intended use to cover all datasets requested for the project. 

As a general guideline, Data Custodians will want to know:

  • What is the objective of your project
  • Which datasets are you requesting
  • Whether you will be combining the dataset with data from other sources
  • Whether matching will be required at an individual level
  • How data will be used in your project
  • What outputs you intend to extract off the Senate Platform
  • The length of your project, including how long you will require the data for and when you require the data by
  • Whether the project will continue after output is extracted off the Platform
  • The time period that applies to the dataset requested if applicable
  • Whether the dataset will need to be refreshed to include additional data, if the project will be ongoing. When will refresh of data be required?
  • Who are the output recipients of your data product

You may discuss requested ‘intended use’ of data with Data Custodians using the ‘conversations’ feature within projects.  Some Data Custodians may impose special conditions that apply to any outputs taken off the Platform, such as a requirement for each output cell to be aggregated. If revisions are required, you’ll need to edit your ‘intended use’ include any special conditions requested by Data Custodians if you wish to proceed with your request to access data.

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