Requests for permitted use of data are outlined in the data license of a project. In the data license terms, you should define how data will be used in a project and the proposed outputs which can be extracted off the Data Republic Platform. You will need to ensure the data license terms that you are proposing is easy-to-read and includes enough information for a Data Custodian to evaluate your data request. If you require access to more than one dataset for your project, you may draft your data license terms for permitted use of data to cover all datasets requested for the project. 

As a general guideline, Data Custodians will want to address the following questions:

  1. Summarise what you would like to do in this project. This should give the data contributor(s) an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish using their data.

  2. Describe the relevant data you require from each data contributor within this project, including any data from your own organisation or from open data sources. Include specific reference to any filters needed for your project such as those on specific date ranges, geographic areas or on other data attributes.

  3. Describe the analytics you will be conducting within the workspace. Make specific reference to the end product you will be extracting from the workspace. This could be a reference to the content of any data aggregates, an explanation of the model you are training or otherwise. Please be as detailed as possible, as these outputs drive the project value.

  4. Data contributors need to understand what data extracts are proposed during your project. Data Republic needs to have clear guidance or it may need to decline an extract request. Please outline:

  • Which extracts are anticipated at what volume and frequency;

  • What is the purpose of each extract (e.g. data product test extracts for validation early in project, test extracts for internal system ingestion, first data product delivery or monthly refreshed data product delivery);

5. Describe any further analytics or processes to be applied to any data extracted from the workspace. If there is an output recipient external to your organization, explain how the extract will be incorporated into the final deliverable. If there is no external output recipient, please explain how the extract will be consumed internally.

We encourage you to discuss your data license request with Data Custodians using the ‘conversations’ feature within projects:  

  • Some Data Custodians may impose special conditions that apply to any outputs taken off the Platform, such as a requirement for each output cell to be aggregated to prevent re-identification.

  • If revisions are required, you’ll need to edit your data license and terms to include any special conditions requested by Data Custodians if you wish to proceed with your request to access data.

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