You can request data from multiple Data Custodians, by repeating the below steps for each data package you want to add to a project.

  1. To request data from multiple Data Custodians for a project, you will need to access the Data Republic Catalog by clicking on ‘Find data package’ in the left navigation menu on Senate. You will be prompted to describe what datasets or insights you are looking for to reveal a listing of datasets in the Catalog.
  2. Once you have found a dataset that you would like to request access to, click the blue ‘Request access to data’ button to the right of the Data Listing’. You will be asked identify which project you would like to link your data request with. Select an existing project, or create a new project to request access to the data.

You will be taken to the project screen where you can add the Data Custodian (data owner) to your project and create a conversation to discuss your data requirement. If you do not know the email address for the data custodian, please contact your Data Republic account manager or For more information on working with Data Custodians please refer to this article.

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