Due to the number of variables in a secure data exchange project, as well as the proposed application of the exchange insights, Data Republic does not have a fixed pricing model.

Where possible, we work with our Data Custodians and Partners to define and set a fixed price on specific applications (for example ‘Measuring Market Share’ for a retail outlet).

As part of the process for requesting access to a dataset from one of our Data Custodians, you will be asked to disclose any financial terms you may have in place if you are intending to monetize your analysis. 

The extent to which you intend to derive value from the data is a key consideration for many Data Custodians and failing to disclose your commercial interests in the contributor data would be a violation of the Data Republic Participation Agreement.

If you are building an analysis using a matched dataset, to assess what the data you're requesting is worth, you should consider the following:

  • What industry the end recipient of your analysis belongs to.

How much an industry values a dataset varies according to the financial return it can expect to get from your insights. For example, if your insights deliver a list of suburb residents likely to move within the next three months, that list would be much more valuable to a mortgage broker than it would be to a moving company. 

  • How your insights will be used.

Different uses of your insights will determine different values for the underlying datasets. For example, if your insights are used to help a shopping center prioritize its promotional displays according to their customers’ potential for travel, then that would have a much lower return on investment for them than the same shopping center using your insights to directly promote the travel insurance sold by one of their retailers via an email or phone campaign.

While there isn't an industry standard price for an individual’s data, many public company valuations set around $8 per individual as a benchmark that you could use in your evaluation.

Note: Data Republic is dedicated to supporting educational institutions and not-for-profit access to data. Please contact us for further information on how we can assist with pricing for special groups. 

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