This article outlines web browsers we test and support for Senate.

We have 3 levels of browser support:

  1. Tested and supported: We actively test these browsers, seek out bugs, and proactively fix them
  2. Supported: If a user reports a bug, we’ll fix it
  3. Not Supported: these browsers are not supported, users will need to use a different browser that is supported

Tested and Supported

We test and fix all issues for:

  • Google Chrome (test on OSX; fix any platform)
  • Microsoft IE 11 (test in Windows 7; fix any Windows version supported by MS)


We don't routinely test the browsers below. However, we'll fix usability issues if reported (this does not include minor visual problems when they do not interfere with usability)

  • Mozilla Firefox latest version (any platform)
  • Mozilla Firefox v50 (Windows 7)
  • Google Chrome (Linux)
  • Microsoft Edge

Not Supported

We do not test and are unable to fix issues for the following browsers:

  • Microsoft IE 10 or earlier
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Mobile browsers for either iOS or Android
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