A useful Data Listing provides summaries of your dataset attributes as well the permitted use or application of the datasets listed on the platform.

Data Listings should enable analysts to quickly decide whether the dataset (or Data Package) can be used to solve their insight problem. Use bullet points to draw the analyst’s attention to key features, and approved uses of your data. 

Your Data Listing should be easy to read to quickly appeal to your target audience. Consider the perspective, motivations and informational needs of the analyst/data professional who is using Data Republic’s Platform to safely solve an insight problem.

When creating your listing, ensure that you include key words that may come up in a search for a Data Listing.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Provide an Overview of your Data Listing

  • What level of granularity does your dataset provide?

  • What level of aggregation applies to your dataset? (e.g. Census SA1)

  • How was the data collected?

  • How large is the dataset? (e.g. number of transactions, rows or merchants)

  • What industry does the dataset belong to? What are the related industries?

  • What useful fields does your dataset contain?

  • What time period does the data cover?

  • How often will the dataset be updated?

  • What location does the data cover?

List Potential Applications

  • What are the potential applications for relevant industries?

  • Who are the key personas who may use the data? (e.g. shopping center owners, health researchers, marketing managers, etc)

  • What patterns or trends can be analysed using the data?

  • What insights can be provided by the data?

  • How can the data be used to inform business strategy or operation?

Data Characteristics

Data rows

  • What do the individual rows of data reflect? 

  • What detail can or cannot be released?

  • Can the rows be matched to an individual through secure tokenisation?

Data fields

  • What fields does the data table contain?

  • What key fields may be of interest to analyst, that might be useful in solving a data problem in the related industries?

Permitted Use

  • What can the data be used for?

  • What can’t the data be used for?


You can indicate that pricing starts ‘from’ or provide exact pricing if it does not depend on use case.

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