Data Listings in the Data Republic Catalog and Closed Catalog are created and managed by Data Custodians (data owners) who participate in Data Republic’s secure data exchange ecosystem.

Data Listings provide an easy way for Senate users to evaluate and request access to specific slices of data (Data Packages) for insight projects on the Senate Platform. 

Each listing summarizes and proposes how the dataset (or specific Data Package) may be applied, along with a potential use case. For example, a Data Listing could be as specific as ‘Chocolate preferences by suburb’, or as broad as ‘Loyalty Scheme Transactions’ . 

Data Republic users can browse available Data Listings in the Data Republic Catalog or Closed Catalog (if their organization has licensed Senate). When a user is interested in learning more (or are potentially launching a Senate Project) with the Data Listing, they can click ‘Request access to data’ in a Data Listing and add the Data Package to a governed project space on Senate. The Data Custodian (or Data Package creator) is automatically added to the project to engage with the user who has requested access to the data.

Within the governed project space, the user and Data Custodian can discuss the user’s specific data needs and proposed outputs before data licensing terms are finalised, and the agreed data is provisioned via a secure Workspace.

Learn more about how to create and publish a data listing to the Catalog.

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