The Data Republic Catalog displays a summary of second-party datasets, referred to as Data Listings on the platform, that have been made available by Data Custodians (data owners) for exchange or analysis on the Data Republic platform. The Data Republic Catalog is visible to all registered Data Republic platform users. 

Data Republic participants can discover, review and request datasets for use in Data Republic Projects and future business applications using the ‘Find a data set’ button in the left menu of the Data Republic Platform.

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In order to access the Data Republic Catalog and browse available Data Listings, a user’s organization must have signed Data Republic’s Participation Agreement and the user must have completed Data Republic’s Certification course.

Who can access the Catalog?

While the Data Republic Catalog is visible to all users, Data Custodians still have control over which organizations are approved to access the data, permitted use and the price associated with accessing the Data Listing. 

Users can explore the Data Republic Catalog and review summary information on the Data Listings. The summary of each Listing details:

  • Listing name

  • Overview of the data written by the Data Custodian

  • Location

  • Listing owner

Some Data Listings will include a Table or View of the data to preview

How to start a conversation from the Data Listing

If a user is interested in learning more about a Data Listing or is potentially launching a Data Republic Project that requires the dataset, they can click the ‘Request access to data’ button in the listing to engage with the Data Custodian directly within a governed project space. 

In a governed project space, the user can create a conversation to kick off their Project. The user can interact directly with the Data Custodian in a conversation to discuss their specific data needs and proposed outputs before data licensing terms are finalised. The Data Custodian may approve or reject a request to access data. If the data request is approved for permitted use in a project, the data is provisioned in a secure, governed analytical workspace. Any outputs from the governed project space will need to reflect what is agreed to in the permitted use of the license approved by the Data Custodian. 

Your Data Listings on the Data Republic Catalog are the key way Data Republic users can explore and evaluate the relevance of your data to their specific insight need or Project. It’s also an opportunity for your organization to commercialize data with approved organizations. 

 It’s important to get them right!

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