What's new?

  • Permitted Uses tab in Projects

  • Licences tab in Projects

These new features will make it easier for you to request access to data, provide approval for data requests and bring offline processes into Senate. You'll see these new tabs next time you create a new project in Senate.

We've broadened Permitted Uses to more than just Data Products:

Not every project that goes through Data Republic has an output planned for it. 

To account for this, we've renamed the Data Products tab to Permitted Uses and have acknowledged two additional types of Permitted Use:

  1. Exploration - when you're unsure of what the data looks like and is capable of, and are asking for access to 'explore' a dataset.

  2. Non-output Analytics - when a piece of analysis is being done within the confines of a Senate workspace, and there is no intent to take any data off the platform to activate the insight.

You'll find these additional types of permitted use in the Permitted Use tab next time you're working on a new Senate project.

Request a licence for permitted use of data

The Licences tab helps you group together the Permitted Uses, Data and Commercial Terms involved in your data exchange. 

Once you have an approved Licence, you will be able to load your data to a Senate workspace.

Getting the licence approved involves 4 easy steps:

  1. Add the Permitted Uses you'd like to ask for your project

  2. Ask the Data Contributors in the project to add your required data packages

  3. Create a Licence, including the Permitted Uses, Data and Commercial Terms involved in your data exchange

  4. Submit the licence for approval by the Data Contributors and Data Republic.

Getting help

We've added detailed instructions on using the new licensing structure to the User Guide.  If you need any help, please reach out to us at support@datarepublic.com 

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